Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Beginnings & Intro to World Geography

Our first few weeks of school were spent doing part-time school and most of the time play but we did start off with a field trip and an intro to world geography. Here are the highlights...

Since one of the things we are doing this year is studying animals, it seemed only fitting to start off with a day at the zoo. A college friend that I hadn't seen in over 20 years happened to be in the area so it worked out to meet her at the zoo.

One of our first days of school. I did not do a very good job of getting a good "first day of school" picture this is what we got this year. You can tell my "Toro" is really excited!

Nothing like a little real life school. My little Toro is learning to paint by helping me paint the bathroom. Gotta love the help, right?

We started out our year studying countries and cultures by making a paper mache globe. I was very glad we chose to do this out in our garage! Full directions can be found here...

Toro is getting the glue/water mixture ready to go...

Cuddlebug tearing paper to cover our earth. We hung the balloon from the beams in our garage and the kids (well, everyone except Cuddlebug) loved getting their hands goopy and putting paper on the to cover the balloon. C-bug liked putting on paper, just didn't like to necessarily put glue on the paper first!

Cricket and Toro getting our earth ready to go!

Toro and Cuddlebug painting water on our earth.

Painting land...

Our world seems to have more land than maybe the real world has but it now proudly hangs in our dining room!

One other craft we made for our Intro to World Geography was our Me on the Map craft. It turned out really cute and helped the kids see where we live. We started with My planet, continent, country, state, city, street and finally our house. I got the idea from Counting Coconuts... Here is a picture of our finished product.

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